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Carl Friedrich Gauss
Gauss Göttingen
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Guided Tours

Guided Tours for Groups on Special Topics

Gauss in Göttingen
Early on in his childhood, the extraordinary mathematical talent of Gauss was recognized. In 1807, he became Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Göttingen Observatory. This is where he conducted his revolutionary work in the fields of Mathematics; Astronomy, Geodetics and Physics.
He stayed in Göttingen until his death, even though other universities offered him professorships.The places where Gauss lived and worked will come to life on a guided tour.

Along the Planets Walk
The Planets Walk invites you to experience the solar system right in the city centre of Göttingen. It shows the sun and its nine circumnavigating planets to scale in size as well as distance. Astronomy and Astrophysics have always been subjects at Göttingen University and were taught by great minds, i.e. Carl Friedrich Gauss.
While following the Panets Walk, you will gain interesting information on the planets and famous astronomers, but also on a city which has much to offer apart from the university.

Measurement Mile Göttingen
The Measurement Mile Göttingen introduces people, places and various objects which have played or still play an important part in the development of the Natural Siences as well as that of measurement technology in Göttingen. The mile gives you an idea how a scientifical and technical infrastructure has evolved over two centuries, which made possible the growth of a great number of extraordinary companies working in measurement technology as well as the development of research and training institutions.

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